Executive Stress , Coping and Organisational Effectiveness

Sunita Nambiyar - Executive Stress , Coping and Organisational Effectiveness
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Издательство: Scholars Press, 2014
ISBN: 9783639662412
Переплёт: Твёрдый переплёт, 204c.

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Stress has become a topic of great concern in Management because of its impact on effectiveness .Executives do not always exercise flight or fight option due to tactical reasons and consequently could fall prey to stress related diseases. It has been found that there are stages of contentment / discontentment that workers have with their jobs. Each of these stages reflects various types of stress that workers are experiencing. It has been found that people in the age group of 36-45 years experience higher levels of Organisational Role Stress (ORS) than of other age groups. The types of Role Stress faced at higher levels are: Role Expectation Conflict (REC). Role Erosion (RE) i.e. a feeling that some important functions have been given to others. There is difference in Coping Mechanism across age groups. In the middle age group of 36-45 years they user more of Avoidance Oriented Strategy like escaping, withdrawal, rationalizing, distancing and resignation at higher levels when faced...


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