Online Webbased Banking Fraud in The Netherlands

Loek van Gool - Online Webbased Banking Fraud in The Netherlands
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Раздел: ОС и Сети
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011
ISBN: 9783846555804
Переплёт: Твёрдый переплёт, 88c.
Ever since the birth of the Internet, people have been using it more and more for accomplishing their daily tasks. One popular applications of the World Wide Web is online banking, a practice which is especially popular in The Netherlands. Online banking, however, is not without its risks: criminals have armed themselves with in-depth technical and even psychological knowledge in order to gain access to banking accounts of unsuspecting users. This research seeks to gain insight in the Dutch online banking security systems in order to find its strengths and weaknesses. The external security controls that have the potential to increase control over online web-based banking fraud (OWBF) risk without yielding too high a cost are especially of interest. Additionally, it aims to quantify the performance of the Dutch banking sector relative to its peer countries through criminal statistical database research and provide in insight in the (international) cooperation between banks, consumer...


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