Great Expectations : John Singer Sargent Painting Children

Hirshler - Great Expectations : John Singer Sargent Painting Children
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Год издания: 2004
ISBN: 978-082126168-2
Переплёт: Твёрдый переплёт, 256c.

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Book DescriptionSargents reputation is often defined by his remarkable achievements as a painter of sophisticated society portraits. However, as this innovative examination of his career reveals, he created a significant number of childrens portraits andgenre paintings featuring children. The title of the book makes ironic reference to Charles Dickenss famous novel Great Expectations, and is used here to suggest how Sargents paintings of children related to the expectations associated with representations of childhood in the art and literature of Sargents day. The book also traces how Sargent ultimately advanced childhood as an artistic subject. The book contains five essays by three notable curators and professors of fine arts, is illustratedwith Sargents truly stunning and often lesser-known paintings of children, and includes Sargent family photographs, some of which are previously unpublished.


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